Do you need help putting together a business case to attend BA Development Day in November? Try these:

1. BADevDay is an unparalleled training opportunity for Business analysts

There are clear links between training and workplace happiness. Workers who feel they have lots of opportunity for professional development are some of the happiest employees. Workers who feel appreciated through training investment are more loyal.

BA Development Day is a unique opportunity in NZ to hear informed and thorough analysis of the changing face of Business Analysis.

What is the cost of missing being at the ONE place where you can have all your peers PLUS world experts willing, able and committed to solving your pain?

2. You will be better at your job

You'll learn about concepts, skills, and techniques you never considered before, from respected experts in the field of business analysis. They'll answer questions you never thought to ask. 

BA Development Day will energise you and allow you to work better when you return to work.

You will meet vendors offering solutions for your business productivity.

BA Development Day is a New Zealand event, so you can access the training you need without needing to travel internationally.

4. You will build up a network of "go to" people

Networking means having the right contacts to solve your problems. BA Development Day is an opportunity to network with other business analysts. Attendees at BA Development Day come from just about every industry, including technology, media & entertainment, higher education, government services, retail, and more. It's a great time to meet other analysts that you can learn from, or teach. Lots of networking time is built in, and you'll leave with dozens of new relationships and friends. 

5. It's run by people who care

It's a conference for the New Zealand Business Analyst community run by business analysts. BA Development Day is not another corporate conference pre-occupied with making money; it's put on by the New Zealand Chapter of the IIBA, a non-profit organisation. We're committed to improving the profession in New Zealand.