Professional Development

Attending and participating in BA Development Day 2016 will award 3.5 Professional Development (PD) hours.

Continuing Development Units (CDUs)

Attending and participating in BA Development Day 2016 will award 5.5 (category 2D).

Contact VP Certification Gerhard Leroux for more information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"It's a well organised event with relevant topics to the BA profession"

"Great speakers - covering interesting topics"

"Sessions this year were particularly engaging"

"Well worth it, brilliant!"

"Great speakers and very useful and timely topics"

"The day was inspirational, aspirational and educational"

"Well done on a fantastic event - definitely exceeded expectations and we will be attending again next year"

Do you need help putting together a business case to attend BA Development Day in November? Try these:

1. BADevDay is an unparalleled training opportunity for Business analysts

There are clear links between training and workplace happiness. Workers who feel they have lots of opportunity for professional development are some of the happiest employees. Workers who feel appreciated through training investment are more loyal.

BA Development Day is a unique opportunity in NZ to hear informed and thorough analysis of the changing face of Business Analysis.

What is the cost of missing being at the ONE place where you can have all your peers PLUS world experts willing, able and committed to solving your pain?