Everyone needs to be able to effectively communicate.  “It’s not rocket science its simply learning how to rub people up the RIGHT way!” 

Amy Scott is fully accredited in the New Zealand made ‘Dots’ communication model and will provide great insight and understanding of this model.  You will understand your dominant dot, get a taste of some of the natural strengths of your dot and take away some excellent tips to assist in more effective communication.  This session will set you up to be able to better engage and be more aware of why people feel, think and act the way that they do – a huge head start to effectively navigate and participate in the Open Space interactive conference sessions.

Amy has introduced and trained people locally and internationally in this New Zealand made Dots communication model.  The model enables understanding on how to improve engagement, communication, work place dynamics, productivity & relationships and has proven successfully across a variety of industries with diverse people - truck drivers, funeral directors, police officers, teenagers, grandparents, accountants, lawyers, pilots, scientists, engineers and shearers.  

Amy’s passion for continuous improvement through effective communication results in her content including insights that are fresh, relevant and real.

Danger:  People tend to want to learn so much MORE about “dots” after experiencing this session!