Purple - Affirmations.

Purple Dots thrive on applause. They need to ‘hear’ that they are good people. Criticism tears them down.

Action Be prepared to listen and offer regular praise! Remember criticism tears them down.

 Yellow - Doing nice things.

Yellow Dots like pleasant surprises. They love it when you do something nice for them. They like attention (acts of service). Lack of appreciation can cause resentment.

Action Be prompt, listen patiently, be tidy, respectful and always keep your promises! Remember criticism can cause defensive behaviour which could have negative consequences!

 Red - Respect.

Red Dots need honest appreciation, a gift of gratitude, a sincere thank you. Lack of appreciation can cause resentment.

Action Understand they have a tendency to assume control! Remember unfair criticism and lack of respect can anger them.

 Blue Dot - Caring

Blue Dots need to feel you care. Criticism can close them down.

Action  Be collaborative, kind, and demonstrate a pleasant manner! Remember criticism can cause them to lose confidence.

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