PURPLE dot - Remember

  • Purples are dreamers, great starters but poor finishers, and talk a lot .
  • Be clear and firm when displeased. Questions work better than “lectures”.
  • Focus on the errant behaviour/attitude, don't let it become personal.
  • Purples may be defensive and appear arrogant.
  • If working well, let then know they are a valued member of the team.

  YELLOW dot - Remember

  • Yellows are time conscious, and can be highly critical, and like to finish, tending towards perfectionism.
  • Yellows may react and not listen.
  • Let them have their say, with time to respond. They may complain, then explain why they are complaining.
  • Detail the rules for acceptable behaviour/productivity and give a timeline for improvement.
  • Be prepared to acquiesce on a minor point and you will probably get cooperation on the other issues.

 RED dot - Remember

  • Reds have a logical approach to life, if you are emotional they're likely to ignore you.
  • Be sure of your facts, and present the situation as it is.
  • Don't attack, Red's will probably close down and simply ignore you.
  • Let them know that they are respected and that you are seeking a “win/win” resolution.

 BLUE dot - Remember

  • Blues take things personally, and often seek “approval”.
  • Blues avoid confrontation, and tend to shut down if confronted.
  • Don’t expect feedback or answers immediately. Give them time to get a feel for what you are saying.
  • Discuss the behaviour, don't get personal.
  • If working well, let then know they are a valued member of the team.

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