Open Space employs four elements:

  • the circle,
  • the breath,
  • the bulletin board
  • the marketplace.

The circle is a natural shape that allows communion to take place. Other shapes and meeting formats encourage other dynamics. For instance, the traditional lecture set-up with the audience seated in rows facing a platform does not necessarily inspire creative dialogue among those present.

The breath is about creating space for ideas and discussion to flow – it is the expectation that Open Spaces sessions focus on possibilities, not day to day BAU.

The bulletin board is the third element of Open Space and it provides a central place for people to communicate with each other about what they have to offer and what they wish to explore. It gives visibility so that the individual can make an informed choice about how, where and when to spend their time most productively.

The market place is where it all happens and is the space in which we can move about and transact our business. It brings needs and resources together to help address the question.