Purple - "I know" (feeling Visionist)

Values being creative, seeing possibilities, and always having new challenges. Excellent starters, but poor finishers. Talkative, loud, fun, maybe over the top behavior.

Wants to know "What"

 Yellow - "I see" (thinking Pictorialist)

Values being of service, working hard, and being responsible. Talkative, immaculate grooming, coordinated clothing

Wants to know "When"

 Red - "I understand" (thinking Rationalist)

Lives a stable, predictable life, helping people in real ways. Quiet, practical dresser, communicates succinctly. 

Wants to know "Where"

 Blue - "I feel" (feeling Sensationist) 

Productive, organised, and responsible. Values their relationships, and the opportunity to communicate and connect with others. Quiet, pragmatic, caring, sensitive and strong.

Wants to know "Why"  

"Feeling" people tend to appear relaxed. "Thinking" people tend to appear intense. 

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