(Thinking) Lives a stable, predictable life, helping people in real ways.

  • cautious and thoughtful
  • hesitant until they know people well then affectionate and caring
  • very literal and aware of the physical world
  • uncompromising about personal standards and easily offended
  • diligent and conscientious
  • organised and decisive


This type needs the ‘where’ of any situation or idea. They must be given the facts (the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth). If they say they will finish a project on time then they will. If you provide them with too little information, they will respond by doing the same thing to you.

Best approach

Provide facts first, details last. Never lie to this type or treat them as a fool. If you make a promise to them keep it. Do not whinge, whine, make excuses, or attempt to use any form of emotional blackmail. Instead, be forthright and honest. Do not waffle or beat around the bush – this kind of communication they have trouble dealing with.

Want to impress

Respect is the key for this nature. A sincere thank you is appropriate. Buy them a gift such as a gift voucher, petrol voucher, a meal out etc. Ensure they are able to choose for themselves where they spend the windfall.

Danger zone

Do not lie or make excuses to this type. They might say nothing at the time but they will never forget or fully trust you again. Frills or fancy presentations seldom impress them – they just want the facts as they apply to them or to the project at hand. When this type says thank you, they mean it.

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