(Thinking) Values being of service, working hard, and being responsible.

  • cautious and conservative
  • quiet, literal, and realistic
  • practical
  • careful and precise
  • logical, honest, and matter of fact
  • resistant to change and comfortable with routine
  • hard working and responsible


This type needs the ‘when’ of any situation or idea. It is best to give this type instructions in writing. As this type is very time conscious there is little need to follow-up, however, should they require further information it is important that they get it quickly and in plenty of time to enable them to see where everything fits. Treat this type with respect and do not interfere with their personal organisation, such as meddling with their filing system or writing instructions that are not clear and concise.

Best approach

Patiently listen to their conversation, knowing, understanding, and feeling, that most of what you will be seeing is the Yellow Dot building mental pictures inside their head. Show patience and provide as much detail as possible when communicating. Always give this type time to make a decision. In other words, do not rush them; otherwise, they cannot build the clear and concise mental picture that they need to enable them to operate efficiently.

Want to impress

Do something for them. Buy them a nice lunch at a good restaurant or purchase a quality publication, containing quality pictorial content. Write them a thank you letter, remembering to use high-quality stationery.

Danger zone

Do not make promises to this type that you cannot keep. Do not lie or treat them as fools. When you arrange to meet, make sure you are on time. Dress neatly and tidily. Do not mess with their schedule or make critical comments about their appearance or surroundings.

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