(Feeling) Values being creative, seeing possibilities, and always having new challenges. Excellent starters but poor finishers.

  • friendly, charming, and outgoing 
  • quick-witted, energetic, and irreverent
  • ingenious, imaginative, and creative
  • curious, flexible, and unpredictable
  • at times illogical and non-analytical


Needs the ‘what’ of any situation or idea. They must be pinned down if you require specifics or definite actions. To ensure they finish a task on time it is helpful to check and recheck on their progress, even though they may appear to be doing well. It is not enough to ask this type how things are going, because all you will get is an answer designed to placate you rather than the true status.

Best approach

Patiently listen to their conversation, seeing, understanding, and feeling, that most of what you will be hearing is the Purple Dot verbalising their inner thoughts. In other words, most of what they say will not be of great value. However, as they talk they have ideas that literally ‘pop’ into their head, and it is this process of thinking that allows the Purple Dot to come up with inventive solutions to ordinary problems.

Want to impress

Build them up. Tell them what a fine job they are doing or have done. Praise them for their contribution. Write them a thank you letter.

Danger zone

Do not ask this type to prove what they know, or you may force them to make up authoritative sounding fairy tales to justify their knowing. They may have trouble staying on schedule or keeping their promises because their thought processes move very quickly. They are often late for appointments.

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