We've got news.

BA Development Day is taking a break for 2017 and will return in a completely new format in MARCH 2018 when we bring analysis development to your door!  

We know you've been keeping an eye on BA Development Day looking for information about what's coming up next.  During BA Development Day 2016 we asked a load of questions to understand what our BA community is looking for to support their professional development and community connection needs.

Since then we've talked with many new and experienced BA's and through this discovery have decided to step away from the existing professional development format of one annual national conference and instead bring the best aspects of BA Development Day to you.  Reducing cost, reducing disruption and providing an excellent learning and networking opportunity right on your doorstep. 

You've told us you want professional development opportunities that:

  • are more hands on 
  • offer convenience
  • allow you learn about new ideas 
  • provide better access and support to regions
  • enable easier access to content during and after development events.

You've also told us you want better networking to help:

  • connect with your regional community
  • connect and support development and practice for BA's in all regions
  • enable online knowledge sharing and support
  • grow understanding of tools and experiences applying these in different industries/environments

Stay tuned - more information will be published and promoted to you over the next few weeks.




Looking for content from BA Development Day 2016?  

You can access scribed content that provides insight into the topics discussed in Open Space sessions from the links below:

How will the trends toward Agile, Lean, and/or DevOps affect business analysis?
How will new technologies such as Cloud, Everything as a Service, and automation change business?
Will the proliferation of data from the Internet of Things require business analysts to develop more data analytical skills?
Can designers and business analyst’s work together to ensure that the ‘voice of the customer’ is heard?
Is subject matter expertise in a technology required or will the ‘generalist’ BA continue?
How will Millennials change the business analysis profession?
What skills and techniques are required by new BAs today, tomorrow and in 2026?
How can Business Analysis professionals support business in a disruptive world?

Our fantastic scribes have collated content from the open space session this scribed content is now published

Each scribe has applied a different approach to collating content.  We've published this as received however, you will notice some scribed content that contains raw detail and is more verbatim.  IIBA and BA Development Day folk will work through this over the coming weeks/months and will extract sections or comments to share common themes or perspectives that emerged.
Also - photos from the day are available on our BA Development Day facebook page